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We Are
Bully Proof

Taking a proactive stance to help the victims of bullying!

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To promote confidence and excellence through healing, refocusing, processing, and connecting.


Our goal is to help and motivate as many people as possible. To go over techniques that can possibly help in many areas in life, now and into adult-hood.


Utilizing different techniques we will uphold our commitment to happier living, positive thinking, and motivation -- guiding principles that will enable us to continue pushing forward to be the best version of ourselves.

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What Is Bully Proof?

The effects of bullying are potent and can be lingering; if left unaddressed, they can even last into adulthood. Bully Proof is a program that aims to help victims of bullying process these unfortunate situations and teach them how to handle them emotionally. We give a safe space to discuss and connect with others experiencing similar situations. We aim to help elevate confidence, self esteem, and encourage everyone to keep striving to be the best version of themselves.

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Who Is Bully Proof For?

Our program is designed for anyone experiencing bullying. Sadly, there are bullies of all ages. Children are most likely to need guidance when dealing with bullying. We would like to create a safe space for children to come with their parents to discuss these situations. We also hope to help victims of bullying to process the feelings and the situations as they happen. We will eventually schedule meetings for parents and adults separate from the children if this is something that would benefit even further. All are welcomed to attend our meetings.

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How Much Is It To Attend Meetings?

FREE! Our meetings are held at Build UR Scent which is located at 13717 S. Route 30 117A Plainfield, IL 60544. There is absolutely no cost to attend the meetings and to join this cause. Our meetings will be held on a Thursday once each month. Please look out on the website and Facebook page for the dates. Register for the events as space is limited.

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